Insulated Roller Shutter Doors for Goods Inwards Bays

The Problem

A well known precision engineering Company approached us with a problem within their goods inwards bays.  They had a new extension built with a large canopy but were experiencing problems with the industrial door openings being too narrow and only just wide enough to allow an arctic trailer through.

The tractor unit with its wing mirrors set in the normal driving position would be wider than the actual opening, hence the driver could not see down along the length of the trailer once it had entered the warehouse.  Thus, the building fabric was being damaged due to the openings being too narrow.

With the introduction of larger trailer units, the new double deck trailer units were now higher than their predecessor, which meant they had to remain outside of the warehouse to be unloaded in all weather conditions.

Our Solution

Our recommendation was to enlarge the openings in width and height so that the goods inwards department could accept all types of delivery vehicle with minimum disruption to the business or goods inwards whilst retaining building integrity and security.

This involved the relocating of internal warehouse air ducting which was housed too low for trailers to pass under and the installation of two large 200 x 200 x 12mm x 7500mm long steel columns to be lifted and securely bolted into position to enable the installation of the new doors.

Once the steel columns had been installed then we installed the new insulated roller shutter doors.

We then removed the old doors and enlarged the openings by removing certain sections of the building fabric to reveal the new opening sizes, installing newly formed flashing around the opening to finish.